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The Instant author writing challenge! by Fumeeakins(f) : 11:06 pm On Mar 05

It is true that;

You have an incredible book thought; perhaps numerous extraordinary book thoughts.

You have this inclination somewhere down in your gut that your book will be the bomb and people will rush to buy it.

People, both family and colleagues, have told you, "You have to compose a book!"

But then, life just continues acting as a burden. You find you're investing time on family, friends, business, your job, as well as other weekly social engagements.

So while the days and weeks and months roll by, the pages of your manuscript remains empty.

And because you're fagged out, and probably brainstorming what the following week will be for you, and how to meet up with certain responsibilities. You keep having the below listed issues;

- Absence of creative ability

- Dread the thought of how lame your book will sound because you have no time to give it your best.

- Compulsiveness

- Not recognizing any instant gratification from writing your book.

- Not happy writing as the book does not interest you enough to keep your attention.

- Your schedule is always tight, and you're so immersed in your work. So when you sit to write, nothing comes out.

Writing a book is both fun, and hard work. And sometimes, it is outright annoying; depending on what you're writing on.

But then, the people waiting to read from you are not interested in how hard or annoying the process is. They only want value; to be entertained, educated, or informed.

Will 2019 be the year you finish writing your book, get it published and distributed? Then I'm happy to present to you,

The Instant Author Writing Challenge - Write Your Book in 7 Days.

In this challenge, you get a Proven Process to FINISH Writing Your Best Book.

It is an online program that will guide you through the book composing process. By the end of the challenge, you should have your complete book in your hand, or at least an almost complete book.

Also, you would have acquired skills and techniques that will help you write other books later on. These skills include, but are not limited to:

- How to know what your target readers want

- How to create exceptional characters

- How to find your own composition voice

- How to stay motivated and keep composing even when it gets hard

- How to defeat writer's block

- Get criticism on what's working and what's not

Those who make it to the end of the challenge have exciting offers waiting for them.

This challenge will begin on the 15th of March 2019. However you can send in your requests now to join the group and save your spot.

All requests will be approved on the 13th of March 2019. Please click the link below to join. See you there.


9 of the best portable laptop tables for writers and readers by Fumeeakins(f) : 3:58 pm On Mar 07

Times have changed a lot. Almost everything you can think of has gone digital. And because information, entertainment and business are the three major things that keeps a person's attention most on the internet, we find that we're mostly using our phone and laptop.

Students are no longer the only ones who need reading or writing tables. Bloggers need them. People carrying out research on the internet need them. People who find entertainment on the internet need them. People who carryout one business or the other daily on the internet, need them. Then again, those of us who are bloggers, writers and readers, also need them.

Why are these portable tables so unique? What need do they fulfill?

1. If you're the type who likes to sit on the floor while working on your laptop, these portable tables can be used for support, in that they lift your laptop to a suitable height.

2. Some of these tables come with adjustable legs. In that, you can stand and type with them, or sit on the floor, or lie on the bed while using them.

3. It automatically adjusts the position of your back when you work, as it makes you sit up straight. With this, you can never suffer back pain.

4. You can carry some of these portable tables with you. They are very mobile.

5. Some of these tables have provision for phone or tablet support and a compartment to keep things.

So I went out of my way to find and list some the best portable tables you can use for your every day activities. Please see them below.

 Lapdesk Foldable Sofa Notebook Stand for MacBook - 11-17inch
You can effectively modify the stature of this table with the auto-lock catches on each side. It is adjustable from 9.4"- 12.6". The tallness can be changed to 4 different positions. It is a good fit for grown-ups and youngsters.

The table is made to be environmentally friendly yet durable, solid and strong. Its ABS solid aluminum legs structure can deal with loads up to 40Kg.

See More On Aliexpress
See More On Amazon
See More On Jumia

UP 7  Adjustable aluminum Laptop Stand
This stand is mostly referred to as the laptop stand for Lazy People. When used in bed, the desktop holder can easily be rotated. It has strong braces for point alteration. It also comes with a Mouse Tray. You can use it in the workplace, on a couch, or in bed.

See More On Aliexpress
See More On Amazon
See More On Jumia

TOPINCN Portable Laptop Desk, Table, and Bed Stand Tray
This laptop table is reasonable for a workstation. It has a coordinated mouse cushion, container stage and pen holder. This lightweight stand folds to fit into any standard PC pack so you can easily utilize it as a workstation wherever you are.

With adaptable stature and point modifications, this workstation table adjusts to accommodate your ideal solace level in not more than seconds. The inbuilt Double implicit USB-controlled fans will cool your PC to forestall overheating.

You can use it in the workplace, on a couch, in bed or even on the floor.

See More On Aliexpress
See More On Amazon
See More On Jumia

Portable Bamboo Foldable Desk
Made of top notch bamboo material with perfect workmanship, this work table is regular, inviting, protected, strong and sturdy to utilize.

It has bloom molded and striped formed ventilation gaps on the surface to enable your laptop conveniently pass heat. The counter impact work area horn can prevent you from being scratched. The table legs can be adjusted to make it higher.

It has a little cabinet for putting away things, a depression for putting glass. It is foldable and light weight, thereby making it easy to be utilized in your home bed, couch and so on.

It can be an incredible present for your families or companions.

See More On Aliexpress
See More On Amazon
See More On Jumia

RAINBEAM Portable Laptop Stand
This has high quality aluminum compound,  it can be used it in any edge. Surface oxidation, never rust, never blur. Foldable and adjustable to be higher or shorter. Strong heat dissemination for assurance of your PC.

See More On Aliexpress
See More On Amazon
See More On Jumia

2018 Adjustable Portable Laptop Desk That Rotates , can be used in bed, while standing, or while sitting.  Can be Lifted to Standing Desk 60*40CM.

See More On Aliexpress
See More On Amazon
See More On Jumia

Small foldable Laptop table.  Student Learning writing desk.
You can use it in the workplace, on a couch, in bed or even on the floor. With the adaptable stature and point modifications, this workstation table can be adjusted to accommodate your need.  It is a complete PC workstation.

See More On Aliexpress
See More On Amazon
See More On Jumia

New Single Foldable Laptop
The table is a full workstation that has provision for a glass of water or drink, a compartment  for your phone and tablet. You can use it anywhere and take it anywhere, as it is very mobile.

See More On Aliexpress
See More On Amazon
See More On Jumia

Portable Desk for Students, Writers and Online Business Owners
This is not just a portable desk, it is a portable study desk and can also be used as a workstation for brainstorming.

I love that the table has support for both books and laptops, phones pencils and anything else you love to have close by, that can be kept in a compartment. You can use it on the bed, floor, or couch.  It is foldable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

See More On Aliexpress
See More On Amazon
See More On Jumia

So, which of these portable tables appeal to You? Which of them would you rather have?

PSS: Pleases don't forget to like, drop your comments and share this post with those you know would need it. Cheers!

Source; www.pelleura.top

6 Easy Steps To Publish Your Book On DRAFT2DIGITAL by Fumeeakins(f) : 4:53 am On Mar 12

Gone are the days when self-publishing an e-book was seen as a herculean task. It is now so easy to not only upload and format your manuscript to standard, but to also have it distributed to other online stores and published on your behalf. All thanks to Draft2Digital; the next best e-publishing platform you'll ever know.

So if you're passionate about writing, get up and start to write. Write as much as you want because e-publishing and e-distribution of your books on various platforms is no longer a problem.

Publishing with Draft2Digital comes with so many awesome benefits that on a normal day would be too good to be true. Some of these benefits are:

1. The company is currently partnering with over 10 other platforms which your books can be distributed to, as soon as you publish with them. These other platforms include popular stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, and some e-libraries and ebook subscription stores; including Scribd and Tolino.

2. No more book formatting problem on various ebook stores, as Draft2digital takes care of that. It meets the formatting requirement of every store it sends your ebooks to, on your behalf.

2. It has an easy to use interface. And publishing takes only about 10 minutes, or less.

3. In case you're wondering if Draft2Digital charges a fee to get your books published and distributed to their partner stores, no it doesn't. They only take a small percentage off each of your book sales. A 15% commission. Also, they have no upfront charges for any of their services, such as formatting, conversion, distribution and sales tracking.

4. Formated ebooks come in different formats and can be used individually on other stores, or for other purposes. This includes PDF formatting for hardcopy printing or e-distribution, or epub and MOBI copies respectively, for online publishing in stores like Amazon, Okadabooks, Barnes and Noble, etc.

5. You have the tools to create a universal link for your book despite it being on different online stores. Draft2digital would bring your book in different stores together in one place, so your readers can easily buy from their preferred online store, without having to go and look for it.

How long does it take to publish a book on Draft2Digital?
It only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is upload your book in the supported format, fill in the sales information (title, author name, description, sales categories, and search terms) and chose yoir price.

As soon as you click 'publish,' your book takes anywhere from 1 hour to 72 hours  to show up on all the digital stores you've selected. And this delay depends on your book content, as well as  the terms and conditions of the various ebook platforms and how it affects your book type.

An ISBN is automatically assigned to your book.

The most beautiful part of it is that your book will be converted into a quality paperback file that you can print out, at no cost. Even a book you've published on another platform can go up on Draft2Digital.

Steps on publishing your book with Draft2Digital

1.  Create an account:
The first step to publishing a book on this amazing platform is to first create an account. Setting up the account is as easy as every other activity on the platform. It only takes a few minutes. Provide your name, surname, email and password. Then submit, and you have your account. You don't even need an email verification

2. Click on My Account.
Th is first place to click is 'my account. When it opens, click on Payment Options and fill in your tax information, as well as the best payment method with which you can receive your earnings. Once you're done, click on My Books. Then click On Add New Book to start uploading your manuscript.

3. Upload your manuscript
This again takes little to no time to achieve. Your book has to be Word document (.doc or .docx format) or any other file type that can be read with Word. Below is what the publishing page looks like. Some of the informations have already been provided with the details you filled in while setting up your account.

- Fill in all the necessary details. Remember not to skip any unless it's optional and you don't want it. When you're done, click on save and continue.

4. Your next page is where you upload your cover design: A 1600 x 2400 JPEG is recommended for this purpose. However, the system auto adjusts your book cover to fit.  

The part marked 'A' in the photo above, is where you click to upload your cover photo. The place marked 'B',  is your books display content  and chapters. Click on ‘Help! These aren't my chapters,” to choose the best table of content display for your book.

Note: Please know that if your word document is not well arranged, it could affect the formatting process on Draft2digital. So you have to arrange your word doc very well, before uploading.  This saves ypu time. Once done, click on Save and continue. 

5. View your book conversion to be sure it came out well. The book display page comes out looking like the image below. For the purpose of this write-up, I am uploading chapter 14 of Love Starts on Friday.

Click on the red arrows by the side of the formatted display to flip the pages. Meanwhile, please look at the parts marked A, B, and C. Those are various conversions of your book. You can download the PDF as a ready formatted version for your hardcopy print. You can download the epub format to upload to other e-book stores.

Once you're done here, tick the agreement box and click on Save & Continue.

6. Now it's time to choose your vendors.

You can choose as many partner stores as you want. Just tick a checkbox and that's all. As more partner stores are being added to the existing ones, you will be informed. 

In the above photos, all the ticked boxes are the stores I chose to send my books to. And below the stores, you can see the red submit button

Above this last page is where you set your price. Whatever you set there determines what will be set for you in the ebook subscription stores listed below the page.

7. Click the red submit box
Congratulations, you're now a self published author when you click 'submit.'

It is as easy as that. With this in mind, you can now confidently start that book that you've almost finished in your head (wide grin),  or that book the thought of going to publishing houses have stopped you from finishing.

Meanwhile, we are hosting The Instant Author Writing Challenge soon. It is a challenge to help you start or complete that book you’ve been struggling with. If you want to be among the first to know about it when it starts, please go here and sign-up. https://m.facebook.com/groups/385625838889144?_rdr

Email notifications will delivered to you. Or simply chat me up

Please don't forget to share this post with those you know need it. Cheers!

Source; www.pelleura.top

Do you know you can design amazing book covers with your android phone by Fumeeakins(f) : 7:39 pm On Mar 27

Do you know you can design a wonderful book cover with your Android device? Yes, you can.

And you can design your cover not just for e-books, but also for hard copy printing.

In a time where we have more writers and more self-published authors, book cover designs are needed more than ever.

If you cannot get to your laptop in time to start a design, or you have no laptop at all due to one reason or the other, as long as you have an android phone or tablet, you should be able to come up with a beautiful book cover design.

Below are a few of the covers I have designed using either my phone or tablet.

So How Does It Work?

The course is divided into 7 parts. And these parts include;

*How and where to get creative photos for your design tools you need to start your design.

*The cut-out process for picture designs.

*The main design and use of texts.

*Designs for text only covers.

*Rendering out your design for e-books and hard copy publishing and finally, conclusion.

Benefits of taking the Book Cover Design Course include:

*24/7 Support Lifetime access to the material Learn and create your first design within an hour or two, depending on how fast you are.

*You can design your cover as you progress with each stage of the course.

*Feedback on your personal designs.

Karo Oforofuo being in the business of writing, editing, book cover design, e-publishing and marketing since 2013, I now teach writing, editing and publishing to fiction and non-fiction authors.

Now I'm also teaching you how to make beautiful cover designs for your books, even with your smart phone. 

Frequently Asked Questions;

When does the course start and finish?

It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?How does lifetime access sound?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - from any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we'll be glad to help you through a pleasant experience with the course.

How soon can I start?

You can start this lecture as soon as you enrol for it.

I'm a beginner, a total novice. Will I be able to understand this course?

Yes. You will. The course is designed for simplicity and straight to the point achievement even for beginners.

I need more information and support. How can I reach you?You can reach me via email info@pelleura.top

Get Your Copy to Get Started Right Away.

COST: N2,500 (from now till March 30th)Pay directly on teachable for instant access to the course. Or Request for an account you can make a transfer to here look toward to having you in the course

If you're interested in the above, click here for more details. www.pelleura.top

What's the Book Writing Support and Accountability Program About? by Fumeeakins(f) : 5:16 pm On Mar 29

What's the Book Writing Support and Accountability Program About?

When you join the Book Writing Support and Accountability Program, you have automatically stated that you want to write a book, or finish the one you've already started. And this is the first step.

The program comes with all the support, tricks, motivation and tips you need to start and finish your first draft in 60 days or less. Definitely, you're looking forward to writing a bestseller, or your best book, not just any book. And you know, deep within, that you need support, motivation and accountability, to get your project off the ground and completed

So How Does It Work?The course is divided into three parts and last for 60 days.

It starts with expert guidance The actual writing Of your bookFeedbackWhy 60 Days? You May think no one can compose a book in 60 days. If they do, it wouldn't be a good book.Well, Yuwanda sells romance like crazy, and she writes 2 novellas every months.

I created the first draft of an ebook guide on How to design beautiful book covers In 4 days.

I wrote the bulk of Susan's Diary 1, a 12 thousand words story, in one night I drove Funmi, one of my team members, to write Trapped by Kisses, in 7 days. The old teaching we got about composing a book in one year if you want it to be good enough, is not true. You can compose your book; depending on the length, in 7 days, 2 weeks, a month, or two months.

As a ghostwriter, when clients bring jobs to me, they usually want it delivered in 2 months.

Besides, we understand that your tight schedule might be a major reason why your book is still not complete, and we want to create a pace for you to work with, without having it interfere with your tight schedule. Now let's talk about focus. When was the last time you disciplined yourself well enough to make input in your book progress every day, for two months?Stephen King once said, “the main draft of a book—even a long one—should take close to three months, the length of a season.”

Now we're beating that down; from 2 months plus to 2 months dot, or less, for your first draft. Your book will require more work after your first draft. But of course, you'll agree with me that it is better to have a complete first draft to improve on, than still struggling with an unfinished first draft. In this course, our aim is to ensure that in 60 days, you would have achieved the most imperative part: You will have composed a book! And I can say this is something to be extremely glad for.

Procedures Weekly Lessons. Every day, you'll get an email with support, prompts, tips and tricks to scale the day's writing exercise, as well as a target for the week.

Feedback. You will get Proficient Critique and feedback on your outline and the first 3 chapters of your book, so as to ensure your book has a captivating start.

Weekly Deadlines. Each Friday, you will turn in one section of your book for us to go through and provide feedback, thereby giving you a handy structure to complete your book through the span of the program.

Motivating Force. In the event that you comply with all your weekly deadlines, and completion of your book, we will refund N10,000 of your course fee. Yes. You read that right. We will also give you a free book marketing guide to follow, as well as basic support in your book marketing. (When you are ready to go live with your book). Responsibility. Every 2 weeks, we will give you progress report to help check if you're complying with your weekly submissions. If you miss 3 weeks of prompt submission of weekly targets, we will send you a notice. If you miss 4 weeks, you will pass up the N10,000 refund! Workbook. You will be given a detailed workbook for your book composing process.

This workbook includes everything; from setting a composition timetable, making due dates, organizing your book and finding your extraordinary voice. It is an unquestionable requirement for success .

Criticism on Your Finished Book After 60 Days Consider the possibility that your book isn't prepared for publishing yet. All things considered, 60 days is sufficiently long to compose a first draft even with your very tight schedule. And that's why after the Book Writing Support and Accountability Course, you'll be given two options;

Enroll in the Edit Like a Professional E-course and work hand in hand with industry standard editors, to clean up your work in 2 months or less.

You will work hand in hand with industry professionals Or Purchase the Edit Like a Professional E-course and learn editing techniques and tips you can work with to self-edit your book to perfection. You will learn from the material written by professional editors, only. Whichever option you choose, you'll still be given a favorable discount as a student in our Book Support and Accountability Program. Please go here to read more details about the Self Edit Like a Professional E-course.

Other Benefits of Taking the Book Writing and Accountability Course Include:24 hours support throughout the 2 months writing program. Direct contact with me and my team and freedom to ask all your burning questions. You'll always be part of our challenges and other activities to keep you going in your writing goals, so you never get stuck, bored, or lose focus.

Opportunities that will help boost your writing career and book visibility, will be shared regularly to the group, when they come up. You'll complete your first draft in 2 months. You'll be interviewed on our blog. Your book will be promoted to readers on our blog.

When Does the 60 Days Start?The 60 days formally starts on March 30th 2019, and ends two months from that time.

Please know that entry into the program closes on the 30th of the month and would not reopen until year ending.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: I have a book in the pipeline. Is this program open to individuals who have already started with no outside help?

Ans: Yes, it is. And starting your book already shows you're ready to kick off strong with full concentration.

Ques: I have a complete draft of my book and need to edit it. Will this course support me?

Ans: No, it wouldn't. But our Edit Like  Professional Course will. Please go here to read more about it.

Your Personal Book Mentor If you're in a hurry and have a deadline to meet that happens to be much earlier than the finish time for the program, you'll be assigned a personal mentor and book writing coach who will work you through the process.

COST: N30,000 (for a limited time only)Pay on PaystackOr, contact me for an account details you can make transfers to.

Once you've signed up for the program and payment had been confirmed, you'll be required to send the first 3 chapters of your book to us, so we can go through and provide valid feedback before the main program kicks off. This way, you'll be starting on a right foot.

If you have not started writing at all, we will start with your book outline.

Please feel free to share this course with anyone you know will benefit from it.

Please to know more about this class, click on www.Pelleura.top


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