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Rainy Day In A Poor Character's House or Area

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Rainy Day In A Poor Character's House or Area by Akinjidetayo(m) : 12:58 pm On Dec 06, 2018

During Rainy Period in a poor character houses and area


Greyness of the sky, water splashing from roof 

Leaky roofs for some 

People running to pack their clothes and foodstuffs 

People pouring dirt from dustbins into drainages

Women and children scrambling about to drop buckets and big bowl under roofs

 Fallen soaked clothes

Arrow-like rain pouring 

Trees dancing to the tune of wind

Water dripping from trees

Animals are being ushered into their pen and cages

Children playing gleefully in the rain

Boys and men playing football in the rain

Traders rushing about to cover their wares

Shop owners covering their wares and dragging some into the shops

Rugged or good umbrella being carried about to get goods

Dirties from dirty roof being washed down

Sky devoid of birds

Animals hiding among trees

Earthworm poking out of the soils

Frogs among marshy area

Cars sinking into marshy roads

Overflooding of drainage

Blocked drainages

People falling into drainages because of over-flooding 

People trying to cross and over-flooded road

People drenched in the rain

Flushed bodies

Wet hair

Body hair raising

People shaking

People hiding under shades- shops and houses with open compounds

Stray animals trying to find cover in people's houses


Rawness of food 

Rottenness of food

Horrible smells of unwashed drainage

Toxic smells of Sewage

An unexplainable smell of cold



A desire for warmth

A desire to hug oneself

Warmth from within


Rushing water

Women shouting at children

Women calling to their neighbours

Splatter of water on roofs

Howling of wind

Noise from dancing trees

Wailing of Power-lines for those living under it.

Silence of animal 

Laughter of children playing in the rain

Wail of children whose parent eventually flog for being in the rain

Whistling sounds of people as they blow air from within
Wet air

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Re: Rainy Day In A Poor Character's House or Area by Eponymous(m) : 6:55 am On Jan 07

As expected of the month of June, cats and dogs, were being hurled by the sky gods, Christiana a 6 year old and her band, which consists of 6 kids of the age grade 6-8 years old, who not minding the rain, nor the mud, of the ifo area of pain state kept on singing rain songs to the rain gods or as they thought the rain

"Rain, rain, go away, come again"......
Christiana's mother oblivious of the fact that her daughter is out in the rain, ponders on when Bade her husband, will get his salary so he can at least fix the leaking roof, so they won't have to put the small paint bucket which is used as Christiana's potty since all other containers are usually out to collect rain water as that will save them the usual 120 Naira, used to fetch water every week.......

Bade takes cover in front of a shop to shield himself from the rain, which was a sad mistake as his cloth drips water on the tiles and the a middle aged fat woman chases him away, he decides to walk home in the rain, he thinks about his daughter and how he has promised to buy her a new pair of shoes for her birthday in a fortnight, but his salary is still unpaid, he suspects that the powers that be in the company have the money, but choose not to pay them for reasons best known to them, he weeps in his heart when he sees his daughter in the rain....

Oliver, the C. O. O of the company where bade works, wakes up with two barely clad ladies who were 'hired' to keep him 'warm'. He moves out of his room, thinking of Rose his wife, who is the C. E. O of the company and who decided that, the non vital workers as she calls them won't be paid for two months because, she overheard one of them call her a whore, which wasn't farfetched...

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