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Broken Status

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Broken Status by Akinjidetayo(m) : 6:50 pm On Jul 10

Day 1
Broken Status
If you have ever the seen the sun set, you will understand the way Kunmi watched with awe as the one he loved, Lolade, enjoyed her birthday, making him wish he could do something better for her. As expected of him, her pictures adorned every post in his status. Everyone was aware of how much he loved her. In fact, anyone oblivious of this fact would have definitely seen the countdown he did for her from the first day of the July to the eighth day of the month.
This love was glaring and he couldn't deny the way she screamed her delights for his love for her. Understanding how boisterous she could be in such time as this, he wished he could do more but there wasn't anything he could than to show her his love. As an unemployed graduate, the highest he could do was to get himself money for Whatsapp with which he got data to do all the regular posting of pictures.
Life had been horrible enough and he wished his lack of financial ability will not rid him of the joy he had. Just then, he saw three lines on her Whatsapp status. Since that morning, the circle had been growing per time. He even referred to them as growing beads and would have loved to avoid them if it wasn't her special day.
'This is too much', he grumbled as he glanced at the first of the three pictures. Like the ones she posted that day, it was the status of her numerous fans, friends, families and admirer telling her how wonderful she was. He hissed and tapped the right side of his phone's screen as his mind wandered off to the long messages of love he sent to her and the way he made a f00l of himself by trying to sing with his croaky crude voice.
But then, the next line caught his attention.
Oh my God! I can't believe it.
Kunmi sat up and stared into the phone. Holding it firmly to ensure the status didn't switch to the next, he stared at the illustrious cake someone gave. Though small, it reek of wealth. Seeing this, he sighed. At least, someone appreciated her on his behalf.
However, the next post rattled him. He sat at the edge of the chair as the video refused to play. It froze at the point she started unwrapping a carton. Kunmi clicked back and clicked the right side again and the video started. She unwrapped the box of an Iphone8 with shaky excited hands.
Kunmi swallowed hard. He sent her an emoji showing he was happy for her. If the truth crawled out of his hands to her message, she will definitely cause a scene even without his presence.
Then, the third status was a series of other petty gifts. He sat back as he let the line of the third status roll off. But then, he noticed the number of the lines had increased.
This is nothing, he assured himself. But it was a useless hope because the next one was another video of her screaming her head off. She had just been presented a car by her Abuja friend, Ife, whom they had always quarreled about, whom he always feared she compared her to whenever they were on bed or having any discussion. He couldn't reply this one like he did the others. With his hands on the status, he regretted ever been born into his family or even waiting for luck and expertise when he could have been another yahoo boy.
He released the status with trepidation because the video continued.
"Oh my God! Oh my God!' She screamed as Ife, the Abuja friend, went down on his knee and asked her to marry him. She screamed her 'yes'. He stared blankly as his phones rolled off to play the same videos on the statuses of her friends. They garnished the videos with spicy words of gratitude to God. Kunmi wondered if many of them never knew him.
He went on to type a serious threat to her but stopped his hand as he decided that he must call her. So, he borrowed money from Etisalat. As if reading his thought, they were quick in sending it. He got a 3-day data plan from the five hundred naira he borrowed.
For a while, she rejected his call and after a while he just couldn't reach her again. He tried calling Uchendu, his friend and the call got connected. She didn't give him the chance to explain what happened before she started ranting about how much of a bad person Lolade was. Kunmi nodded as he couldn't say much. He tried talking but words evaporated off his mouth.
'Have you seen her latest status, where she wrote 'Goodbye to Failure. This ship has sailed', Uchendu yelled.
He shook his head. 'No'.
'Go and see it. She's a devil. Oh! I feel like strangling her and finishing all my anger on her. Witch! Ah! Women are animals! That ship that sailed will sink. Don't do anything stupid'.
He nodded and disconnected the call. The cold from nowhere that was rocking him couldn't let him stay focused but when he finally got himself, he tried to see her status. It was nowhere to be found.
Few minutes later, Uchendu found him, sprawled on the ground, the video repeatedly playing on his phone, and an empty bottle of sniper lying by his side. That became his last Whatsapp status

***The End***.

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