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5 Ways To Make Your Audience Love Your Characters

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5 Ways To Make Your Audience Love Your Characters by Akinjidetayo(m) : 1:58 am On Mar 26

1. Make your characters as humanly as possible. If you are writing about human beings, then let your characters have flaws. You are not perfect in real life, so why should they be? Flaws make your characters memorable.
They are especially fun when they present an conflict for the plot or for the characters in question.
But keep it realistic unless your characters have demanding quirks.
2. Give your character a backstory. Give them a past. Many stories start mid-action; on the first page, your character is trapped in the mall because of a terrorist attack. That’s fine…but sprinkle enough backstory for readers to understand where your guy or gal is coming from.
Does she have a family? Does she have a romantic relationship? Is she a happy or sad person? What was she doing in the mall in the first place etc.
Let's say your character just broke up with her boyfriend, she's devastated and decided to get something, maybe alchol at the mall. See, that's a story. Use it well 😀
3. Give your character something to believe in. A set of principles or morals helps readers understand what motivates the decisions of your character. And these principles or morals don’t have to be universally appealing. What if your character is a robber but hates rapists. They are both criminals but he has this principle to never hurt women.
4. Use minor characters to challenge your main character. Your secondary characters exist to move the story forward and to flex your main character. Use them to create dialogues and situations where your star can’t be cardboard; where they have to react and respond. As much as possible, flesh out your sidekicks and your minor characters. Just because they may have a small role in your story doesn’t mean it’s fair to give them a shadow of a life. Make their history, their beliefs, just as grounded as those of your main character.
5. Whenever possible, avoid clichés. We’ve all seen them and they are easy traps to fall into because clichés exist for a reason. The shy, timid librarian; the workaholic dad who’s never home. It’s easy to ‘get’ these characters right away, because they are familiar to us…but how much more appealing is the bold librarian or the dad who leaves the office early to watch his kid's favourite TV shows. You’ve introduced something different. I hope you put this into your next story, let's see how it turns out.
If these tips helped, please share with your friends


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Re: 5 Ways To Make Your Audience Love Your Characters by DoctorTansi(m) : 4:31 am On Mar 30

nice! they helped. I will go back to my "Red Yankari"and implement these.

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