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6 Easy Steps To Publish Your Book On DRAFT2DIGITAL

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6 Easy Steps To Publish Your Book On DRAFT2DIGITAL by Fumeeakins: 6:53 pm On Mar 11

Gone are the days when self-publishing an e-book was seen as a herculean task. It is now so easy to not only upload and format your manuscript to standard, but to also have it distributed to other online stores and published on your behalf. All thanks to Draft2Digital; the next best e-publishing platform you'll ever know.

So if you're passionate about writing, get up and start to write. Write as much as you want because e-publishing and e-distribution of your books on various platforms is no longer a problem.

Publishing with Draft2Digital comes with so many awesome benefits that on a normal day would be too good to be true. Some of these benefits are:

1. The company is currently partnering with over 10 other platforms which your books can be distributed to, as soon as you publish with them. These other platforms include popular stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, and some e-libraries and ebook subscription stores; including Scribd and Tolino.

2. No more book formatting problem on various ebook stores, as Draft2digital takes care of that. It meets the formatting requirement of every store it sends your ebooks to, on your behalf.

2. It has an easy to use interface. And publishing takes only about 10 minutes, or less.

3. In case you're wondering if Draft2Digital charges a fee to get your books published and distributed to their partner stores, no it doesn't. They only take a small percentage off each of your book sales. A 15% commission. Also, they have no upfront charges for any of their services, such as formatting, conversion, distribution and sales tracking.

4. Formated ebooks come in different formats and can be used individually on other stores, or for other purposes. This includes PDF formatting for hardcopy printing or e-distribution, or epub and MOBI copies respectively, for online publishing in stores like Amazon, Okadabooks, Barnes and Noble, etc.

5. You have the tools to create a universal link for your book despite it being on different online stores. Draft2digital would bring your book in different stores together in one place, so your readers can easily buy from their preferred online store, without having to go and look for it.

How long does it take to publish a book on Draft2Digital?
It only takes a few minutes. All you need to do is upload your book in the supported format, fill in the sales information (title, author name, description, sales categories, and search terms) and chose yoir price.

As soon as you click 'publish,' your book takes anywhere from 1 hour to 72 hours  to show up on all the digital stores you've selected. And this delay depends on your book content, as well as  the terms and conditions of the various ebook platforms and how it affects your book type.

An ISBN is automatically assigned to your book.

The most beautiful part of it is that your book will be converted into a quality paperback file that you can print out, at no cost. Even a book you've published on another platform can go up on Draft2Digital.

Steps on publishing your book with Draft2Digital

1.  Create an account:
The first step to publishing a book on this amazing platform is to first create an account. Setting up the account is as easy as every other activity on the platform. It only takes a few minutes. Provide your name, surname, email and password. Then submit, and you have your account. You don't even need an email verification

2. Click on My Account.
Th is first place to click is 'my account. When it opens, click on Payment Options and fill in your tax information, as well as the best payment method with which you can receive your earnings. Once you're done, click on My Books. Then click On Add New Book to start uploading your manuscript.

3. Upload your manuscript
This again takes little to no time to achieve. Your book has to be Word document (.doc or .docx format) or any other file type that can be read with Word. Below is what the publishing page looks like. Some of the informations have already been provided with the details you filled in while setting up your account.

- Fill in all the necessary details. Remember not to skip any unless it's optional and you don't want it. When you're done, click on save and continue.

4. Your next page is where you upload your cover design: A 1600 x 2400 JPEG is recommended for this purpose. However, the system auto adjusts your book cover to fit.  

The part marked 'A' in the photo above, is where you click to upload your cover photo. The place marked 'B',  is your books display content  and chapters. Click on ‘Help! These aren't my chapters,” to choose the best table of content display for your book.

Note: Please know that if your word document is not well arranged, it could affect the formatting process on Draft2digital. So you have to arrange your word doc very well, before uploading.  This saves ypu time. Once done, click on Save and continue. 

5. View your book conversion to be sure it came out well. The book display page comes out looking like the image below. For the purpose of this write-up, I am uploading chapter 14 of Love Starts on Friday.

Click on the red arrows by the side of the formatted display to flip the pages. Meanwhile, please look at the parts marked A, B, and C. Those are various conversions of your book. You can download the PDF as a ready formatted version for your hardcopy print. You can download the epub format to upload to other e-book stores.

Once you're done here, tick the agreement box and click on Save & Continue.

6. Now it's time to choose your vendors.

You can choose as many partner stores as you want. Just tick a checkbox and that's all. As more partner stores are being added to the existing ones, you will be informed. 

In the above photos, all the ticked boxes are the stores I chose to send my books to. And below the stores, you can see the red submit button

Above this last page is where you set your price. Whatever you set there determines what will be set for you in the ebook subscription stores listed below the page.

7. Click the red submit box
Congratulations, you're now a self published author when you click 'submit.'

It is as easy as that. With this in mind, you can now confidently start that book that you've almost finished in your head (wide grin),  or that book the thought of going to publishing houses have stopped you from finishing.

Meanwhile, we are hosting The Instant Author Writing Challenge soon. It is a challenge to help you start or complete that book you’ve been struggling with. If you want to be among the first to know about it when it starts, please go here and sign-up. https://m.facebook.com/groups/385625838889144?_rdr

Email notifications will delivered to you. Or simply chat me up

Please don't forget to share this post with those you know need it. Cheers!

Source; www.pelleura.top

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Re: 6 Easy Steps To Publish Your Book On DRAFT2DIGITAL by DoctorTansi: 6:54 am On Apr 20

Any Nigerian used this service yet?
Has the instant author challenge began?

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Re: 6 Easy Steps To Publish Your Book On DRAFT2DIGITAL by Akinjidetayo(m) : 11:19 am On Apr 21

It has ended.

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